In the footsteps of the Freemasons of Putbus

The beautiful park was first laid out in 1725 as a Renaissance garden and then transformed into an English landscape park in the early 19th century. Today’s extent covers approx. 75 ha and is freely accessible.

The Putbus Castle Park is a landscape temple that surrounds a settlement that has been in use for thousands of years. The name Putbus already indicates this. This family name and later place name is of Slavic origin. „Pod buz“ means „behind the elder bush“, „elder bush“ or „lilac bush“. North of the Alps, the elder was considered by the Celts and Germans to be a sacred tree that embodied access to the goddess or our mother earth. That is why this goddess is also called „Frau Holle“ in the fairy tale that we all know.

In order to experience the special features of this landscape temple, you only need a little time, which you can take here indefinitely. This is a place of inner calm and peace.

There is no way to peace. Peace is the way – Mahatma Gandhi

And that’s exactly what peace you can find here. If you are not yet familiar with dealing with nature, you are welcome to join our special energy tours, whether as a group or as an individual.

Since 2016 we have been offering the guided hike „In the footsteps of the Magic Flute“ for the first time and as a world premiere. After extensive research, the geophysicist and geomancer Dr. Bittner succeeded in establishing the connections between the prince, the founding of the city and the Masonic content of the fairy tale opera. A transposition of the Magic Flute into the present day allows you to personally experience the path of initiation of the royal children today.

We received further proof of the magic of this park in autumn 2016 when a delegation from our twin town Eutin visited us. During a walk together we were able to experience and discuss the special features. There is also a novel for sale about the Masonic Park with its magical powers in Eutin.

Since 2019, the magical novel „Freemasons & Templars in Putbus“ has also been available for purchase in the spa administration. The exciting journey of Prince Wilhelm Malte zu Putbus through the educational cities of Europe ultimately led to the „strange“ appearance of the city and park.