Relax & Nature

Enjoy nature and relax in Putbus

During your walk through the park, take a look at the small, rather inconspicuous plants at your feet. Here you will find little beauties with truly unusual characteristics. The much-overlooked daisy (bellis perennis) not only offers beautiful flowers, but also edible ones. Have you ever refined your breakfast rolls with a flower jelly made from daisies? You should definitely try it. The cuckoo flower, which you can often find in Putbusser Park in early spring, was voted flower of the year in 2006. Since its existence is endangered and it is on the red list in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, you should not pick it, although it is edible and is said to work as a tea infusion against rheumatism. In May there is a strong smell of garlic in Putbusser Park. Wild garlic, known as a vegetable, spice and medicinal plant, spreads its intense smell here. For 2 years we have encountered this „holy herb“ with the wild garlic week with guided tours, events and a market in the Marstall.

The best time for hiking

The best time for hiking is from spring to autumn. Every season has its own charms on Rügen. In spring the blooming wood anemones, in summer the beaches invite you to take a short swim. Autumn is a firework of colors in the woods. We recommend the official Rügen cycling and hiking map on a scale of 1:50 as a map

Thanks to the predominantly flat topography, cycling here in Putbus is also recommended for the inexperienced. The only slightly hilly landscape makes cycling easy and the few inclines are easy to master and also manageable on foot. We have put together two routes for you here, the day tour „In the footsteps of Prince Maltes“ and the shorter tour „From the circus to the witch bush“, which is also suitable for hiking.