Cycle path „Following Prince Malte’s footsteps“

The Putbus Castle Park is the starting point and first viewing point of this route. After exploring, drive in the direction of Lauterbach. Fürst-Malte-Allee leads directly to Badehaus Goor. Passing the classicist building on the left, a well-navigable forest path takes you through the Goor nature reserve along the Rügisches Bodden via Muglitz, Groß Stresow to Lancken-Granitz.
Shortly after entering the town, turn right into the town and then cross the main road. The historic avenue with cobblestones continues steeply uphill via Blieschow to the Granitz hunting lodge (open to the public).

On the way back you have the choice: with the „Racing Roland“ to Posewald (bicycles can be taken along) or by bike via Serams, Pantow, Nistelitz and Viervitz to the Posewald manor house (visiting from the outside only, the small park is open to the public). After exploring, turn left onto the cycle path that runs alongside the road and cycle approx. 1.5 km until you turn right via Beuchow to Pastitz, the last sightseeing stop on this route. In the village, past the former farm buildings on the left, you will come directly to the beautiful Pastitz manor house (the manor house can only be viewed from the outside). Back on the village road, turn left, cross the country road and then keep left to end the round trip again in Putbus via Darsband.