Wild herbs in and around Putbus

Many plants that accompany us today without us particularly noticing them are not only beautiful but also unusually versatile.

Wild garlic

The best known today is certainly wild garlic, which has conquered many kitchens as a wild vegetable. Wild garlic (Allium ursinum) is closely related to chives, garlic and onions. Its intense smell gives it away in spring from afar. Wild garlic is not only used as a spice plant but also as a medicinal plant. In folk medicine, it is used for stomach and intestinal disorders
used for use. In folk medicine it is used for stomach and intestinal disorders and in naturopathy wild garlic is used, for example, for high blood pressure and intestinal diseases. It also stimulates the metabolism, has a positive effect on cholesterol levels and is also effective against worm infestation.
Collecting wild garlic is prohibited in nature reserves and natural monuments. Otherwise collection is only permitted for personal use. To protect the plant, only one leaf per plant should be picked, the roots (or rather bulbs) should not be dug up.